3 Wind turbines near the village Permelille

One co-op windmill and two privately owned




Population Size less than 50.000

3 Wind turbines near the village Permelille

Three wind turbines rated at 1 MW each were erected in the year 2000 close to the Samsø village called Permelille. Two of the turbines are owned by private investors, while the third is owned by a windmill cooperative. The windmills are the same make as the other wind turbines on the island, 1 MW Bonus wind turbines (Bonus has since been purchased by Siemens).The local windmill cooperative owns the wind turbine in Tanderup and one of the Permelille windmills. The two cooperatively owned windmills are divided into about 5.400 shares, owned by about 450 different people.Each wind turbine produces the equivalent of 630 homes' annual electricity consumption.Fact sheet:Total price for 3 windmills:  approx. Dkr 18 Million ($3.6 million US)Total annual production:  approx. 7,600 MWhHeight (to the nacelle)  50 meterHeight (to wing tip)   77 meterState guaranteed min. price the first 12.000 full load hours (ca. 5 years):  60 øre/kWh (12 cents US)State guaranteed min. price the first 10 years:  43 øre/kWh (8,6 cents US) Slideshow with pictures of the land-based wind turbines See the windmills on the satellite map Danish Wind Turbine Owners' Association Danish Wind Industry Association


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